You Don’t Have To Buy The Sharpest Knife

For every cook and chef out there, they have their favorite knife for chopping and cooking. Knives are wonderful, and they could be very expensive, especially for the sharpest blade in the industry. But for me, any knife is just as good, it all depends on what kind of knife sharpener you use.

There are many knife sharpeners out there. But I find the best ones are the grainy stone sharpeners. All you do is wet the knife and start grinding the sharp edge of it on the stone. After a while, and if it’s done right, you will have one of the sharpest blades ever in your arsenal ready at your disposal for your chopping and cutting needs.

sharpening a japanese knife

The sharpener that I prefer is the King Medium Grain Sharpening Stone. Amazon has it listed for $73, but it is a worthy investment. The grainy stone needs to be soaked before use, and it is pretty large, an ideal product for restaurants. This stone will be with you for a very long time, and it will be a while before you have to purchase another.

The medium girt of the grain sharpener is made to perfection to help sharpen, hone, and to polish efficiently. It helps removes metal from the blades to re-profile the edges. It takes less time to sharpen your blade. But it takes practice to use this stone.

When using a knife that’s dull, it is really more dangerous than a sharp knife when you use it. Imagine using the dull knife, and when the blade fails to cut, and it slides on your finger, you will bleed. It’s important to have a knife sharpener around to avoid that accident from happening. Sharpen your knife before every use, and it will last a very long time, who knows, it may become your favorite knife that you will want to use over and over again.