The Best Kitchen Knives of 2016

Came across this list of the best kitchen knives of 2014, and although it’s a bit outdated, it has ended my search for the best kitchen knife.

1.Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife 8 Inch


The established Swiss brand has come up with one exceptional product. It is the same company that has   produced the world’s most amazing multi-functional pocket knife – the Swiss Army knife. The 8-inch Fibrox is great because it’s suitable to both beginners and experts. You can use it at any skill level. This is something you won’t find in many other knives on the market. Being priced around $40, it costs a fraction of what the competitors advance. Being a chef’s knife, the Victorinox Fibrox handles pretty much anything you need it to. The traits that recommend it are:

  • comfortable
  • fit for daily use
  • affordable
  • solid
  • Fibrox handle – easy to grip

2.Suisin High Carbon Steel 8.2-Inch Korin Gyutou


A respectable knife like this will show you that there’s no need for a whole set. You only need one good piece. It may not deal with bones and other heavy materials, but it will do all the mincing and slicing you need. Besides, it is further recommended thanks to the following:

  • a deeply curved edge
  • excellent control
  • lightweight
  • high quality blade material – Swedish steel
  • easy to sharpen to perfection.

3.Wusthof Classic


For the Western world, the Wusthof Classic knife is an icon. Its widely curved blade makes a rocking motion possible when mincing and chopping. It works well with herb, but also with poultry. It features a wood handle with rivets and a big bolster for a natural and safe grip. The Wusthof Classic comes in two versions: the 8-inch and the 10-inch. For more of the heavy-duty work, choose the bigger one. It will further impress you with its:

  • great balance
  • hand-honed blade
  • durability
  • stiffness
  • excellent control
  • lifetime guarantee.

4.Richmond Addict 2


Fit for bigger hands, the Addict 2 from Richmond is a robust, big yet very light kitchen knife. Its 5.5cm heel ensures that knuckles never get crushed. The blade is big as well. Concerning the price, it is on the expensive side, but you will understand why. As a tool for professional, they have reported the following:

  • comfortable grip
  • rosewood handle
  • holds the edge very well.

5.Shun Hiro Santoku


These Japanese knives are known for their good finish, but they also impress through top-notch quality.  The Hiro Santoku can take you to a pro level. Its 7 inches of blade holds its fabulous sharpness and lets you achieve speed. The blade has a steel core with alternating stainless steel and nickel outer layers. Check out some more of its attractive specifications:

  • handmade
  • comfortable handle
  • great design
  • heavy-duty blade

It handles all basic tasks, which really makes it an all-in-one kitchen knife for the experts out there. We are thinking of experts here because of its price – you will pay about $200 for this piece. However, you may never need any additional knife for your kitchen work.

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