My Kitchen Knives Make My Kitchen Look Amazing

Everybody you talk to about kitchen cutlery will go on about the sharpness and the various options each knife set comes with. I personally don’t think those are the type of questions and considerations that matter. Granted, I’m not the typical shopper, but when I saw my knives, I instantly knew they would be mine. I also knew why — it was how great they looked.


Not only did the knives I ended up with look so great in general, but they matched my kitchen decor to a tee. With stainless steel handles and sharp black accents on the handles, they match my onyx black countertop and stainless steel appliances. Surely, the designer of the knives I got must have expected a number of people to have made similar design choices in their kitchens.
To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting to even find a kitchen knives set that would match my kitchen decor so well, but when I laid my eyes upon the set, I knew instantly that it was my pick. The only factor that could have prevented me from making my decision was the customer feedback. If I saw that people were complaining about my potential future knife set being too dull or it having a tendency to corrode quickly, then I would have had to pass up the great design. (Learn more: How to choose the right knife for the job)

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to make a difficult decision as the classy and charming set I got was also getting great customer feedback everywhere I looked.

Did I mention that the base of the set is also black to match the countertop? In the right lighting, it actually looks like my knives are floating in mid-air because the base blends into the color of my counter so well. If I had to pick a drawback to the use of stainless steel knives is the tendency of the handles to show fingerprints. While this is true, I have a nice soft cloth that I keep in my silverware drawer for just such a reason. So far, the extra cleaning effort has been worth the amazing look of my favourite knives ever.