Making Espresso At Home with a Good Espresso Machine

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Making espresso at home can be as easy as buying a good espresso machine, a good grinder, some fresh beans and voila, you have the right stuff to make an espresso without going to Starbucks.

So what’s a good espresso machine? Here are reviews for the best espresso makers by real people. I picked the reviews for the most popular best espresso machines.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Espresso Machine

“I have the EAM3200, which is the previous model version. The differences are slight but noticeable to the newer. These machines are the best in class for price and performance, produce a great espresso, and are maintainable in ways that other manufacturers models are not. The coffee from the Delonghi is just as good as from Jura and even some manual models such as Expobar and Rancillo. It is very close to what you find in Italy – not quite, but for the price it is worth it. Great crema, hot temperature, rich flavor. And the best part is you can pull out the brew mechanism and clean it – VERY key. This will ensure sound operation and function for many years. – Vatsug”

“We bought our Magnifica after using a similar machine while visiting friends in Germany. We have been using it for over 3 years now, and are still quite happy with it. My wife and I both drink a lot of coffee — tall Americanos most of the day. I am a full time telecommuter, so I will average 3-5 a day in winter, 2-4 in summer. We also love being able to fill a couple of 16 oz. insulated cups before leaving on a road trip. I would say this machine probably gets more use than the manufacturer intended. – Dale B”

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

“I’ve had the Breville BES870XL for about a week now, and I’m thoroughly pleased with the product and the quality of the espresso it can make. I upgraded from a simpler machine and a separate burr grinder, and one of the attractive features of the BES870XL was the integrated grinder. The other thing that appealed to me was the ability to adjust lots of features. – Food lover

“For expectations, here’s what I believe to be reasonable for this machine-
-It will make a mess. If you’re looking for a mess free experience, you may want to double or triple your spending and look at fully automated machines.
-You are not a hardcore espresso drinker who is looking for the perfect shot and the best components for the money. To get that, you should be looking at separate grinders and espresso machines most likely totaling more than this.
-You are looking for convenience, but something that still leaves some room for experimenting.
-You better be comfortable with having a 2 in 1 machine. If the grinder or the espresso machine goes kerplooey outside of warranty, you have half a machine left. You might look a little silly when friends come over. They’ll be expecting something super fancy from you because of all the espresso machines on your counter… – armaraas”

DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker

“When it was time to purchase another espresso maker, I chose the DeLonghi EC702. What a nice surprise! It heats up really quickly, and despite the owner’s manual that says let it warm up for 15 minutes before you brew the first cup, I find you can get a perfect cup after only about 3 minutes of warm-up. Then, hit the ‘milk steamer’ button and in just one more minute it’s hot enough to do the milk for a great cappuccino. The steamer nozzle is the first I’ve seen that can be EASILY dismantled (two small pieces to pull off) and rinsed. Former models had to be scrubbed with a scouring pad occasionally to scape off the residue left on the nozzle. This DeLonghi setup is far better and the steamer nozzle is always clean and ready for your next cappuccino. The drip tray (plastic with a metal grid) pulls off for easy cleaning too. Being a coffee-hound, I use the double-filter basket to make a single cup, although the photo shows two demitasse cups being filled side-by-side. Really, I’d recommend this machine without reservation. – T.Pajak”

There you go, 3 very different types of espresso machines, one of them bound to suit you.

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