I was successful in planting hydrangeas!


I have always loved hydrangeas and have always wanted to have even just a pot or (my dream) an entire garden of them. The problem is that I have zero experience being a gardener and I have no idea where to start planting hydrangeas! So, I tried searching through some gardening books in the library or sites online that might be able to help me.

I found that it is important to plant them where they get pretty good exposure to the sun. They do not do well if they are under the shade all the time. One tip that a gardener told me about planting hydrangeas was to check if grass grew in the area; if there is no grass, then hydrangeas may not thrive or grow in this place (usually a shaded place!). Full grown hydrangeas may also reach up to four (4) feet tall so it is best to plant them in a place where they can reach their full potential and not be constantly pruned or cut.

My efforts were not wasted when it came to growing them (I opted to buy several small, potted hydrangea plants from a nursery). The plants I bought from the nursery were already in bloom when I got them. This is so that I know exactly what I was getting and not be surprised when the plants turn out to be something else. Some nursery workers have difficulty cataloging the plants if there are no flowers. I positioned my plants in a place that received a lot of sun during the morning and around noontime. During the afternoon, it was shaded. I planted them over soil that drained well ( I added some roughage to ensure that the roots will not rot) and I did not over water the plants. My hydrangeas turned out well! They are now about three (3) feet tall and thriving.

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