Bought My Espresso Machine

Something is really wrong with this world. Nowadays, we can often find ourselves buying the products that we do not really want and that is solely because of the influence given by the salespeople of the product. Well, I would say that is the power of persuasion – it drives people crazy. This time round, I decided not to listen to the salesperson when I buy my coffee machine. Instead, I read espresso maker reviews and ratings to aid my decision making. These ratings are just so awesome.

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine
“I put off writing a review in order to make sure that the DeLonghi was going to last until we had at least broken even on it. We received it in mid-July and since then it has produced about 200 double shots flawlessly. By my reckoning, that’s about $400 worth of Americanos at the local cafe. Even considering the price of the coffee, we have more than broken even. So, here’s our pros and cons:

– Price–we paid $91.28.
– Crema Production–this unit consistently produces a thick layer of delicious crema.
– Powerful Stream Wand–Easily froths milk.
– Mechanicals–After six months of nearly daily use this mighty-mite works as well as it did the day it arrived.
– Easy Cleanup–Filter cleans easily.

– Ergonomics–As other reviewers have noted, there could be a little more room between the area where the cup sits and the output nozzle. Also the steam wand could be longer.
– Features–No cup warmer. Not a big deal to us, especially considering the price of the EC155, but it will put off some buyers.”

By OhioGardener

Mr. Coffee ECM160 Steam Espresso Machine
“I’ve had this machine for over a year. I have tried other machines, even a pump. It makes good cappuccinos/lattes when the milk is steamed properly at the right temperature. If your only into espresso shots, I would go with a different pump driven machine.

-Inexpensive, Small
-Frother is strong, plastic tip is removable
-Quiet (then a pump machine)
-Latte art hearts (SEE picture)

-Supplied tamper is just a slightly flattened end of the coffee scooper.
-No frothing pitcher.
-Multiple shots requires de-pressuring the machine.”

By Dassit

DeLonghi ECP3420 Espresso Machine
“I’ve had this machine for a month and so far it’s been fantastic. I love lattes and mistos and having to go to Starbucks every morning just isn’t something I want to do.

So, armed with my espresso beans, my white mocha sauce and my Keurig, I’ve been able to make my favorite drinks from the comfort of my home!

What I’ve found so far:

– The froth, though not very dense, is great. It wand will froth 6 ounces of soy milk in less than 45 seconds.
– The warming plate gets hot!
– I turn the machine off when I’m done so warming it back up takes less than 30 seconds before the green light turns on
– The water level is visible so you know when you need to add more without moving the machine

– The warming plate gets hot! It’s a little too hot in my opinion but I don’t use it.
– The water reservoir MUST be all the way down. When it arrives, it’ll look like it’s in place. It isn’t. Gently push it down.”

By Caiapfas

Buying my espresso machine after looking at the best espresso machines 2016 would be the same like buying one after consulting for advice from professional users as these ratings are written by product testers who are experienced in such field. Well, at least I won’t have to listen to unwarranted claims by irresponsible salespeople whose aims were just to sell their products. Now, I can judge for myself what is good and what is bad for me, without having to be influenced by anyone.