These recipes look amazing on a plate!

Here’s the thing about cooking: If you know how read and measure, you’ll find that whipping up anything—and we do mean anything—is easier than you think.

In fact, creating restaurant-quality meals requires very little else than the right tools, good ingredients, and easy-to-follow recipes.

That’s why we combed our favorite foodie hub—Pinterest, obviously—to bring you 101 easy, elegant, stylish recipes broken out in sections (appetizers, entrees, desserts, and side dishes) that even the most rudimentary chef can master.

Not only will these recipes look amazing on a plate, but they’ll also pretty good on Instagram, too (c’mon, don’t even pretend you won’t be posting them.)



Kale is good, but a kale and shredded brussels sprouts salad with pecorino in a tangy dijon dressing is better.

So elegant: Give every guest half an avocado filled with cilantro-lime crabmeat.

These yummy buffalo chicken quesadillas are baked, not fried.

Forget cheese and crackers—put out a platter of this guacamole and shrimp ceviche toast for guests.

Nothing looks prettier than ricotta crostini—here’s a whole guide packed with topping ideas.
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